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As we head into our 6th month in this “distanced” new world, we’ve never felt closer to LA’s nature-loving community. Next Saturday at USGBC-LA’s Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo, we’ll host conversations about the connection between LA’s authentic nature, our health and social equity, and our fire and slide safety.

We hope you’ll join us and get a dose of the hope this community gives us! In any case, stay safe. Be well. Take care of one another. We love you.

Cassy and Kirk


LA’s authentic beauty boosts home safety and value. Here is how to harness that power, and enjoy it along the way.

Hosted by Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez: This webinar is part of a series on preparing for natural disasters hosted by the Councilwoman.

Experts from the Los Angeles Fire Department cover home hardening strategies, tree trimming and brush hazards, while Cassy Aoyagi guides a tour of a lush, leafy, shady Tujunga foothill property. View Webinar

HomeGreenHome Podcast. Hosted by Izumi Tanaka: Let’s talk about how we can create a home that’s safer, healthier, and more comfortable while saving money and protecting our planet. Planting a native garden has endless upward spiral. Let’s talk about it! Listen

Green Home Builder. By Cassy Aoyagi: Homeowners achieve remarkable gains in home value by adding smart landscaping. Ever wonder why new home builders don’t landscape to capture this value too? We do! Read More
California Building News: Beautiful landscaping multi-family properties boosts value by enhancing tenant experiences. Here’s how. See More



Whether you have a landscape authentic to Los Angeles or a one more on the traditional side, sustainable maintenance practices can support your health and that of LA.


Oscar Ortega: You know increasing curb appeal increases home value – but did you know simple landscape maintenance does too?

Here are the 9 tasks that bring the biggest boost to value – and joy. See More

See our Spring Maintenance Checklist for more tips.


August 2020


Get Ready: Wildfire Webinar & Tour
Create an Upward Spiral
Design for Home Value
Build Home Value and Sales


Harness Nature, Improve Health
Firewise Facts and Fiction


Maintain for Home Value


Bush Mallow
Palo Verde
Sulphur Buckwheat


Focused on Resilience


USGBC-LA’s annual Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo will be online and open to the community August 22. Join us!

Harness Nature, Improve Health

Firewise Facts and Fiction



August is a month of contrasts with sunny yellows and soulful purples filling native gardens and our wild spaces.

Palo Verde fills with sunny summer blooms. As parkway trees, they could help us fight food scarcity, even as they cool our streets. Those beautiful little blooms are edible!

See more August Blooms.




Focused on LA’s Resilience

With every decision, we hope to increase our ability to better LA’s resilience. Our commitment to optimally sustainable practices is part of that. So is our commitment to social equity. • PO Box 441 Tujunga, CA 91043
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