Harness Nature, Improve Health

Nature is Essential to Our Health and Wellness

Date: Saturday, August 22nd

Time: 10-10:50 am

Location: Full Schedule and Links

Tickets: Registration Required Use code #TAKE25 for $25 off your registration!
Join experts LA’s green building community at the virtual Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo, for a virtual discussion about the health benefits of nature.

Nature and plant life speed healing, reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and can increase food security too. How can our communities best tap into these benefits?

Expert panelists include:

  • Brandy Williams, founder, Garden Butterfly
  • Charlene Dimas-Peinado, LCSW, EML, president and CEO of Wellnest
  • Clifford Francis, physics paraprofessional, Physics with Environmental Emphasis, Colorado College
  • Garrett Johnson, intern, Puede Center, Colorado College
  • Karen Ramirez, executive director, RootDownLA
  • Rachel O’Leary, program director, City Plants
  • Cassy Aoyagi, president, FormLA Landscaping
    Attendees and panelists will explore:

  • Which landscaping choices and interior plantscape choices produce the greatest possible positive impact,
  • Where greenery can have the greatest health impacts,
  • What they can do to help maximize greenery and its positive impacts in their roles and communities.

    More Information:

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  • On Common Ground: The Undeniable Value of Nature