Storybook Cottage Wonderland

LA Times. April 15, 2024. By Jeanette Marantos: Once upon a time, under Universal Studios’ watchful Minion eye, there was a Storybook house in Studio City with a steep, sagging roof, a towering, tottering chimney and a yard so boring and prone to flooding that its charm was pretty much negated. Read More

Capture and Drain Water With Style

Houzz. April 1, 2024. By Marianne Lipanovich: A rainy day can be a blessing for your garden, but rain also can lead to erosion, puddling or excess runoff. Rain gardens, bioswales, dry creek beds and strategically placed rain chains can help you handle that excess water in your yard while simultaneously cleaning it and keeping it out of the stormwater system. Read More

Rock Permeable Paving

Houzz. March 22, 2024. By Marianne Lipanovich: Permeable paving offers an alternative to concrete or other solid materials you might consider for the walking, relaxing or dining areas in your yard… To get the ideas flowing, check out these 15 spaces on Houzz that feature a variety of permeable paving options. Read More