Start Your Veggie Garden May 4, 2020, By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: The combination of warm weather and sheltering in place means many of us are looking to take our DIY projects outdoors. One yard task that’s gaining a lot of traction lately is gardening, with homeowners now snapping up seeds in order to plant their very own victory gardens. And by joining this DIY green crowd, you can reap many rewards.

5 Fast-Growing Vegetables April 14, 2020: By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Growing your own food is satisfying on many levels: The act of tending plants is calming, hauling around potting soil and water makes for good exercise, and, of course, eating vegetables you grow yourself is immensely rewarding.

And as we continue to hunker down at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, having a source of fresh vegetables close at hand also saves you a few trips to the store, reducing the exposure risk for you and your family.

Plant Victory March 30, 2020. Jennifer Kelly Geddes. Concerns about the coronavirus have made leaving the house to go grocery shopping, surrounded by other people, feel downright dangerous. But one can’t exist on rice and spaghetti alone. If you’re concerned about a shortage of fresh vegetables in your fridge, you might be a prime candidate for the victory garden trend.