Grow Microgreens Now January 18, 2020. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: That verdant, tangled nest atop your avocado toast looks adorable and tastes like springtime itself. But if you think the only way to satisfy your yummy microgreen fix is to hit up the local hipster cafe or via delivery, guess again.

Growing your own tiny shoots at home doesn’t require a green thumb at all. Read More

8 Backyard Oasis Ideas

HomeLight. November 3, 2020. By Presley Attardo: to spruce up your outdoors? These 8 backyard patio ideas are all the inspiration you need to transform your property into its own destination. Read More

Harvest Seeds for a Bountiful Future October 5, 2020. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Gardening was a popular pastime this summer…But as you might recall, so many people were buying seeds in a panic, a shortage ensued in some areas. The good news: If you’ve let your garden run amok this fall, then odds are it’s bursting with seeds you can grab, store, and plant next spring.