Prevent Natural Disasters with Smart Landscaping

Naturally Vibrant Living BlogTalk Radio. Fall 2012. Interview by Diane Brandon: Planting shrubs and trees not only beautifies our homes, but also allows us to dig in the dirt and develop a closer relationship with nature. There can be many factors and considerations that go into landscaping and choosing plants, but one may be overlooked. Can you landscape your home in a more sustainable way? And could you actually landscape in a way that helps to prevent natural disasters?

Urban Gardening Part Two: It’s All in the Herbs

BeachBody. May 2012. By Lisa Palac: It’s spring, the time when everything starts to, literally, spring up. And every year, urban dwellers the world over have the same reaction: this is it! This is the year I finally plant that veggie patch and spend autumn feasting on homegrown produce. Then they look around their third-story walk-up with nothing but a fire escape for outdoor space and realize that’s just not going to happen. Or is it?

Showcase House in La Cañada

Pasadena Sun. May 1, 2012. By Kat Ward: And what a show it is. Holy moly (yes, this will be the tone of this post, can’t help it, fresh from the tour, brain still buzzing).

If you’re intrigued, amused, or even disdainful of how the 1% live, get your ticket and go. This tour is fascinating, inspirational, amusing and just dreamy. We’d go again just for the views of the San Gabriel mountains. Tennis, anyone? A game of “H-O-R-S-E”?