10 Ways to Keep Mosquitos Out of Your Yard

iVillage. By Sadia Latifi: Thanks to warmer than usual winter and spring weather, mosquito outbreaks are expected to be pretty bad this summer. We asked experts for their go-to tips to keep you bite-free

Plant foliage native to your region, says Cassy Aoyagi, president of FormLA Landscaping. Mosquitos and other pests are often attracted to environments created when non-native plants require the use of excessive water and fertilizers. “We can also import mosquitos from other areas when we import their habitats,” she said.

Grass Begone!

Arroyo Magazine. January 25, 2013. By Bettijane Levine: Grass is good. But could gravel be better? That was the question for Jeanie and Terry Kay, whose charming country French chateau straddles a small rise on a street of custom homes in La Cañada Flintridge.

Their white brick mini-villa — with its tall welcoming windows and elegant sheltered door — looks like it might be a centuries-old transplant from some nobleman’s estate in Southern France.

Cassy Aoyagi: Going Native

Los Angeles Times. December 11, 2010. By Patt Morrison: Once upon a time, California wholesaled its fabulous flora. The searing brilliance of poppies and lupines and the pale greens of grasses spread themselves like titanic picnic cloths over a seemingly endless landscape. Now, of course, much of this vast plant menagerie has been plowed or paved or plucked away to the margins, even toward extinction. Horticulturist Theodore Payne saw this unhappy prospect when he came here more than a century ago from England as a teenager; in his 70 years in Southern California, he crafted native plant legacies in gardens from Santa Ana, Exposition Park and Caltech to Descanso Gardens.