14 Thoughtfully Designed Cities

Your Green Pal. May 10, 2019. By Gene Caballero: It is no secret, that the American Landscape includes a lot of amazing cities. So we picked a few select cities which really stood out above the rest.

Here are s ome very thoughtfully designed cities and their stories, as told by the people that live there.

8 Houseplants That Clean the Air, Make You Happy

Realtor.com. May 8, 2019. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Houseplants, lovely as they are, can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. They collect dust, outgrow their containers—and then they die. But if you cultivate the right kinds of greenery, you might just garner more happiness, cleaner air to breathe, and other cool benefits.

10 Trees Designers Love

Houzz. April 26, 2019. By Annie Thornton: Consider how beneficial planting a tree can be. Trees shade and cool our homes and streets, helping to mitigate the heat island effect and reduce reliance on air conditioning and other energy consumers. Trees also provide food and habitat to wildlife, capture carbon dioxide from the air, provide natural play areas, enhance curb appeal and add beauty and a feeling of place to gardens and communities.