Organize Garden Clutter May 18,2020. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Since many of us are cooped up at home to avoid the coronavirus, Americans are gardening with abandon right now. This has lead to serenity, sustenance—and a whole new category of clutter! If your garden supplies are in disarray, there’s one item that could solve all your problems.Read More

Style Your Inside Plants May 20, 2020. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: There are hairstylists, fashion stylists, even food stylists, so why not plant stylists? These professional green thumbs are in increasing demand. Americans are snapping up greenery like crazy these days, but many aren’t sure what to do with the plants they have, or how to keep them alive and thriving. A plant stylist can help. Read More

10 Things Gardeners Need By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: You can wing it in the backyard by digging with an old serving spoon and kneeling on a kitchen towel when you weed, but the right gear makes gardening so much easier.