Fire Proofing Your Home

LA Times. May 2, 2019. By Lisa Boone: As Los Angeles homeowners prepare to trim grass, weeds and trees for the annual brush clearance inspections in May and June, the L.A. County Fire Department’s Forestry Division advises moving beyond standard procedures when it comes to reducing wildfire risk.

7 Gorgeous Gardening Trends May 17, 2019. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Just the way fashion hems rise and fall and the color of the year switches from a zesty green to a provocative purple, trends in the gardening world are ever shifting. More formal designs with monochromatic flower beds might be tops for several years, only to be followed by wild grasses and leafy plantings the next. So what’s in this summer?

5 Ways Your Outdoor Space Is Secretly Stressing You Out May 16, 2019. By Lauren Sieben: Your outdoor space should be your sanctuary: a chill spot for relaxing with a book, enjoying a glass of wine, or hosting a barbecue with friends.

But even if you scored your dream balcony or a sprawling backyard, there are ways your outdoor oasis could actually be stressing you out. This is not only a potential bummer, but also a wasted opportunity: Research shows that more time outdoors can have a therapeutic effect—if you’re doing it right.