DIY Herb Garden: How to Grow Herbs June 7, 2018, By Jennifer Geddes: A DIY herb garden is an easy way to have fresh basil, cilantro, and other kitchen staples on hand—no more running to the store or wasting cash on wilted parsley! What’s not to love?

Regret-Worthy Home Renovations

Reader’s Digest, May 29, 2018. By Lisa Marie Conklin: Talk about hindsight being 20-20. Before you start demoing walls and buying everything mid-century modern, consider the wisdom of realtors who have seen the renovations homeowners really regret.

Please Don’t Plant That Here!, May 17, 2018. By By Jennifer Geddes: To the rescue, we’ve asked some green thumb experts for the biggest mistakes people make planting (and caring for) trees and shrubs. Read up on these bloopers to avoid before you dig in!