No-Mess Poolside Plants Jun 30, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Ahh—sinking into the cool water of a swimming pool on a hot summer day is heavenly. Diving into a tangle of slimy leaves and bugs? Not so much…

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The types of trees, shrubs, and flowers you pick to surround your pool can spell the difference between a summer packed with pool cleaning, or one where you can recline in an inflatable swan in peace. Read More

What We Renovated Jun 23, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: There’s no better time to renovate than amid a pandemic—and according to a new report by Houzz, we’re spending more on remodeling than ever.

According to the 10th annual Houzz & Home report, which polled more than 70,000 respondents on their renovation habits, our home improvement budgets ballooned by 15% over the past year—up to a median of $15,000 per household. Read More

Senseless Garden Trends May 31, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Yardwork is a sweaty labor of love, from planting flower beds to designing your patio. And come summer, it can be all too tempting to hop onto the latest trends you see lining the aisles at your local Home Depot. But beware—trends come and go, and many just don’t stand the test of time for good reason: They’re uncomfortable, impractical, and, all in all, just don’t make much sense. Read More