The Grass Does’t Have to Be Greener April 9, 2019. By Jaime Weibe: A lush green lawn full of vibrant plants and flowers can simultaneously be a source of delight and your worst nightmare: the constant mowing. Watering without getting dirty looks from your drought-conscious neighbors. Weeds—so many weeds. And why do things keep dying?

You can keep pouring money into your outdoor space, or give up and go with a scorched-earth approach. But those aren’t your only options.

5 Affordable Ways to Make Your House More Green

PolicyGenius. April 5th, 2019. By Mia Taylor: Being more conscious of our impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important. With Earth Day on April 22, now may be the time to take small steps to become more environmentally friendly.

Mulch for a Healthy Lawn

LawnStarter. March 20, 2019. By Daniel Ray: The verdict is in from gardeners, environmentalists, and scientists: Don’t bag your grass clippings. Let them mulch your yard. Your lawn and the environment will both be happier for it.

In the not-too-distant past, the standard advice was the opposite.