10 Trees Designers Love

Houzz. April 26, 2019. By Annie Thornton: Consider how beneficial planting a tree can be. Trees shade and cool our homes and streets, helping to mitigate the heat island effect and reduce reliance on air conditioning and other energy consumers. Trees also provide food and habitat to wildlife, capture carbon dioxide from the air, provide natural play areas, enhance curb appeal and add beauty and a feeling of place to gardens and communities.

Lessons from Australia’s Fires

The Malibu Times. April 17, 2019. By Jimy Tallal: Whereas the Woolsey Fire of 2018 was considered to be one of the worst fires in LA County history, it didn’t occur until nine years after the worst wildfire ever to hit Australia. The folks Down Under have had much longer to think about how to do things better in the future than we have, and one of them came to Malibu last week to share what his country has learned.

Natives Show the Beauty of Sustainable Landscaping

San Gabriel Valley Tribune. April 22, 2019. By Kathie Bozanich: A bee-busy, massive California lilac bush in Santa Monica, the floppy, Dr. Seuss-like dune sedge in La Canada Flintridge, the mountain-inspired mix of California buckwheat, sagebrush and black sage in Pasadena: It’s the riot of colors and diversity of plants that leaves a lasting impression from the Theodore Payne Foundation Native Garden Tour.