Landscapers, Join USGBC-LA!

USGBC-LA Blog. August 22, 2019. By Cassy Aoyagi: My own industry of landscape architects, designers, installers and maintenance professionals have much to gain from this organization’s influence as the environment and economic landscape evolve; as rougher weather and natural disasters continue to directly affect green jobs, our health and our bottom line; and as it is up to us to think about environmental and economic sustainability. If you have not yet heard of us, or joined us locally, here’s why you should.

Your Garden Personality Explained August 5, 2019. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: In the same way that your home’s interior design reflects your personality, your garden says a whole lot about you, too. Whether you’re a fastidious weeder or prefer to let vines run wild, it’s possible to suss out a variety of personal styles by looking at the way you dig into your backyard dirt.

Turn Your Yard Into a Certified Wildlife Habitat August 3, 2018. By Wendy Herman: Imagine waking up each morning to songbirds outside your window, or spotting a colorful swarm of butterflies in your backyard. It’s entirely possible if you transform your outdoor space into a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.