Spark (HPOZ) Conversations

LA Times. September 12, 2002. By Lisa Boone: Susan and Steve Matloff are doing what they do most days when they are at home: spending time in their front yard with their kids, talking with neighbors, playing with their dog Blue and passing home-grown onions to random passersby.

Save Homes from Wildfire

Elemental Green. By Brian Libby: Relatively quickly, wildfires have gone from a seasonal to a nearly year-round danger, particularly in Western states. Where conditions are dry and fire is raging, burning embers can travel through the air, igniting one’s property even before evacuation orders are given and flames are still far away. Luckily, there’s a lot we can do with fire resistant landscaping.

Buy Healthy Land July 13, 2022. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: When homebuyers tour potential homes, most can spot obvious problems like a bad grout job in the bathroom or an outdated kitchen. But do you know what to look for outside the house, on the land beneath your feet?
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