Senseless Garden Trends May 31, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Yardwork is a sweaty labor of love, from planting flower beds to designing your patio. And come summer, it can be all too tempting to hop onto the latest trends you see lining the aisles at your local Home Depot. But beware—trends come and go, and many just don’t stand the test of time for good reason: They’re uncomfortable, impractical, and, all in all, just don’t make much sense. Read More

Add Statues – Correctly Apr 29, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: A statue in the yard can give people pause. Does it mean you’re a pretentious snob? Take heart, dear homeowner, and understand that putting a sculpture on your lawn doesn’t need to be a grandiose statement. Read More

Just Add Water Apr 27, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Every homeowner wants a calm oasis in the backyard. For some folks, this means a fully loaded outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven and mini fridge, while for others it’s a simple hammock strung between two trees. But for the ultimate in backyard tranquility, we’re here to suggest you add a water feature. Cooling and quiet, installing a new H2O design can transform your outdoor space into a true escape. Read More