What’s Next in LA Green-Building?

Green Home Builder. September 2017. By Cassy Aoyagi: This is a ripe and critical moment for the green building community in Southern California. Just as builders and developers worked to define an aspirational standard for buildings, we have the opportunity now to help the public understand the impact and value of green spaces – at home and in our neighborhoods.

7 Fire-Retardant Plants

September 30, 2017. By Lisa Boone: Consider all the potential solutions to help save your home during a wildfire and landscaping seems an obvious choice. But are the drought-tolerant solutions that many of us have already implemented – turf removal among them – enough to fend off fire?

12 Ways to Save on a Summer Garden

Credit.com. August 2, 2017 By Trae Bodge: Back in the spring, you were confident you would have an award-winning garden by now. You thought you planned and planted well, but as you enjoy a glass of rosé on the back porches of friends, you realize that your garden pales in comparison. Never fear, it’s not too late.