Add Statues – Correctly Apr 29, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: A statue in the yard can give people pause. Does it mean you’re a pretentious snob? Take heart, dear homeowner, and understand that putting a sculpture on your lawn doesn’t need to be a grandiose statement. Read More

Just Add Water Apr 27, 2021. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Every homeowner wants a calm oasis in the backyard. For some folks, this means a fully loaded outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven and mini fridge, while for others it’s a simple hammock strung between two trees. But for the ultimate in backyard tranquility, we’re here to suggest you add a water feature. Cooling and quiet, installing a new H2O design can transform your outdoor space into a true escape. Read More

Add Layers to Gardens

Houzz. April 22, 2021. By Benjamin Vogt: By The first flower to emerge in spring is often a surprise, catching me pleasantly off guard even though, in my bones, I know it’s time… With the annual spring cut down of last year’s plants behind me, I was noticing gaps where more things could be added, but also where existing plants could be doubled if not tripled in number. Read More