Take Your Curb Appeal to the Next Level

Realtor.com April 24, 2018. By Jennifer Geddes: Window boxes are the underrated secret weapon of curb appeal: These seemingly simple additions can take your ordinary home to the next level—for that perfect touch that makes your facade one that passers-by won’t forget.

Outdoor Renovations: Think Outside the Box

PennyMac. April 23, 2018. By Jerrica Kowcheck: When it comes to remodeling plans, most homeowners immediately think of upgrades to be made inside of the house… We talked to real estate and renovation experts to gather their tips and insights on renovation projects for your home’s outside. Here are the top outdoor renovation ideas for you to focus on this year!

The Grass Does Not Have to Be Greener

Realtor.com | Apr 9, 2018 | By Jamie Wiebe: A lush green lawn full of vibrant plants and flowers can simultaneously be a source of delight and your worst nightmare: the constant mowing. Watering without getting dirty looks from your drought-conscious neighbors. Weeds—so many weeds. And why do things keep dying?

You can keep pouring money into your outdoor space, or give up and go with a scorched-earth approach. But those aren’t your only options.