MGBCE Fire Fact & Fiction

Every Angeleno Can Help Prevent Wildfire If We Know the Facts

Date: Saturday, August 22nd

Time: 11-11:50 am

Location: Full Schedule and Links

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Wildfire continues to be an existential threat to California communities, and the need for physical distancing complicates already hairied evacuation protocols. It is critical we find ways to proactively mitigate fire and boost post-fire resilience on our properties, in our communities, and in the wild.

Join experts from the fields of wildland fire management and education, home-hardening, fire-wise landscaping, and fire-safe community organizing, including:

  • Marc Los Huertos, associate professor, Environmental Analysis, Pomona College
  • Ron Durban, chief of the Forestry Division, LA County Fire Department
  • Rick Halsey, executive director, Chaparral Institute
  • Cassy Aoyagi, president, FormLA Landscaping
    We’ll discuss best practices and explore:

  • How can communities improve their fire safety enough to save on homeowners insurance?
  • What tools and practices harden homes to fire?
  • Which landscape strategies and choices can protect homes from fire?
  • When should we take fire-mitigation steps?
  • Where can we have the greatest impact on safety and security?
  • Who will be guiding us through the 2020 fire season?
    Attendees will walk away with clear steps they can take at home, in the garden, and with neighbors to protect themselves and their communities.

    More Information

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  • Are You a Fire Fighter?
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