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August 2017

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Our hearts are breaking for the country right now, and it wouldn’t feel right to hide that from you.

We know first hand the incredible benefits of diversity, inclusivity and respect. The diversity of our team is the foundation for the creativity and quality of our work. Inclusivity and respect bring out their best -and ours.

Now more than ever, we are happy LA is home, and we are committed to digging in to make this world a better place. We are also grateful to have team and family members, clients and friends of every permutation of humanity along side us as we do so.

Cassy and Kirk


LA’s kids and gardens will make the most of the last moments of summer this month. Nothing lasts forever, so don’t hold back. Take that double take!
Look Again, New Look Is Popping!

Enchanted Stroll

By Isara Ongwiseth: We are returning to Descanso often as we work on a new project. Each day, as we pass the the Center Circle, we revel in its now established bounty of blooms. Six foot Hummingbird sage! This is its last summer, and the latest is most certainly the greatest. View Gallery
Save on Summer Garden Updates

Bioswale Brimming with Blooms

Huffington Post. By Trae Bodge: Back in the spring, you were confident you would have an award-winning garden by now. You thought you planned and planted well, but as you enjoy a glass of rosé on the back porches of friends, you realize that your garden pales in comparison. Never fear, it’s not too late. Read More


There is a reason Angelenos are known for our optimism. LA just never stops blooming!


Blooming Now

Of course, what’s Blooming Now is always our favorite. Some friends have been going strong for months. Others are just getting started.

Indian Mallow


Sustain Your Garden

We are making way for the transition to autumn in our garden,letting known Sleeping Beauties rest, so their friends can take center stage. If you are DIY, you may want to join us! It may mean inviting some blooms indoors to brighten your home.

See our  Summer Maintenance Checklist to help your garden stay healthy and in balance.



August 2017


Look Again! New Look Pops
Save on Summer Gardening


Rosemont Preserve Tour
Descanso Water Symposium
Compulsive Gardening Course


New Blooms Blooming
Sustain Your Garden


All Are Welcome Here
Farewell David Brown
Rest in Peace Paul Herzog


Indian Mallow Bloom

August 26:  Rosemont Preserve 

September 23:  Descanso Symposium 

September 29:  Compulsive Gardening Course 

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Farewell David Brown

The New Look for LA would not exist were it not for the vision of Descanso Garden‘s forward looking executive director David Brown, who retires this month.

In the midst of drought, David led Descanso and Los Angeles toward an authentic, sustainable, lush and leafy aesthetic. We all have a more resilient future for it. (See KCET Lost LA)

Thank you, David, for your friendship and stewardship of this remarkable resource.


Rest in Peace Paul Herzog

Los Angeles lost a guiding light this month. Paul Herzog led the Ocean Friendly Gardening Program for Surfrider Foundation, working tirelessly to give us cleaner surf and a more beautiful city. You are missed, Paul.



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