Dwell on Design Presentation

Date:  June 28, 2009 – June 28, 2009

Location:  Sustainability Stage, Dwell on Design, LA Convention Center

Cassy Aoyagi will present as part of the “Cultivating Green and Gardens in the City” Sustainability Panel at Dwell on Design LA, a three-day festival of modern design hosted by Dwell Magazine and the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

From creating a dynamic public space, to beautifying a traffic median, to choosing a smart mix of plants for a garden in your own backyard, this panel will explore the import and impact of civic-driven, community, and individual initiatives to cultivate natural landscapes in the city. Cassy will share tips on how you can get involved in transforming the urban jungle from a touch of grey to shades of green.

For Cassy and the team at FormLA Landscaping, “greening the City” is as much about using and promoting sustainable landscaping practices and products as it is about adding foliage. For example, the FormLA-designed, multi-use landscape at the Lofts at Cherokee Studios boosts the sites LEED rating, reducing the building’s energy needs and providing vibrant foliage that consumes little water. The La Canada Public Library gardens designed, installed and maintained by FormLA illustrate how plants from the world’s 5 Mediteranean climates thrive in Los Angeles with very little water. Sustainable practices and products can be incorporated into any style or type of landscape to protect community health, save money and energy, conserve water, and produce vibrant green space year round.

FormLA Landscaping will also exhibit in Dwell Outdoor. More Information

More information: Cultivating Green and Gardens in the City