Lawn Replacement at LA City Halls

Lawn Replacement at LA City Halls

Date:  April 26th

Time:  Presentation TBD; Conference 7:00 am to 5:30 pm

Location: Southern California Gas Company Energy Resource Center Get Directions

USGBC’s Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo brings together Southland municipal policy makers, leading architects and engineers to further the development of a sustainable and energy efficient future.

With the lawn at LA City Hall in need of repair, the costs and benefits of lawn replacement in public spaces received significant media coerage.  FormLA president Cassy Aoyagi will join Emily Green of the LA Times, Russell Ackerman of the City of Santa Monica and Landscape Architect Glen Drake in a discussion of the costs and benefits of lawn replacement in public spaces.  They will explore the costs, benefits, ordinances, historic district and public use considerations associated with these issues.

Two city hall landscape renovation projects will provide insight into challenges and best practices:  the nascent LA City Hall project and the well-underway project at the City of Santa Monica’s City Hall.  Both projects involve historic buildings, strong Water Efficiency Landscaping Oridnances and incentives, as well as communities with a need for public gathering space.