Sierra Madre Speed Learning

Date:  Saturday, August 22, 2015

Time: 10 am to noon

Location:  Sierra Madre City Hall (Map)

RSVP:  $20 suggested donation


FormLA Landscaping cordially invites you to a speed learning introduction to authentic California landscaping with experts in design, native foliage, permeable patio and drive materials, and the latest in irrigation technology.  The session is part of a broader program dedicating the new Sierra Madre City Hall garden designed to reflect an authentic California aesthetic perfect for the city’s climate and distinctive interests.

Authentic California Landscape Design FormLA Landscaping experts will discuss what is in and what is out when it comes to landscaping Los Angeles in drought.  They will share the key features of an authentically-LA landscape and provide tours of the new Sierra Madre City Hall Garden.

  • Cassy Aoyagi, president, FormLA Landscaping
  • Isara Ongswiseth, co-designer, FormLA Landscaping

California Native Plants Developing an authentic, drought tolerant, landscape requires use of climate compatible materials.  While natives of Australia, Chile, the Mediterranean Basin, and South Africa meet this criteria, California natives provide some unique advantages.  Learn how planting native can save the world… or at least Los Angeles.

  • Kitty Connolly, executive director, Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants

The Latest Watering Infrastructure Effective water infrastructure is the Spanx of landscaping:  you can have the prettiest design and materials, but a solid structure is needed to carry off the look.  Industry experts will showcase how to deliver just the right amount of water to your landscape.

  • Raul W. Gonzalez, vice-president, industry relations, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply
  • Bill Millward, district manager, Netafim

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