The Garden Conservancy, Pasadena


Experience Harmony in Bloom: Roses, Cacti, Edible and Native Plants

Date: Sunday, April 21st

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Pasadena

Tickets: Available Now!
The fragrance of roses, California native sages and citrus float along the shaded curves of of the sidewalk approaching the the Shumacher Garden Retreat. As you enter the garden, you’ll meet birds, butterflies and native bees delighting in this Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Bea Schumacher’s award-winning cacti are on display in container gardens accenting the four living spaces and two chef workspaces. The serene sounds of water fill the space, as does dappled light that makes glittering through the tree canopy. Beneath all the lush, leafy, low-water beauty, water conservation systems capture and sink stormwater from the roof and permeable hardscapes.

As you reemerge into the front of the home, you’ll find a delightfully peaceful patio adjacent to the front steps. Hidden behind the riot of front yard foliage, this serene space includes built-in seating with a view of yet another fountain and the riot of front yard foliage. Exit wandering through the artfully integrated collection of roses, spring-blooming native buckwheats, salvias, mallows, and wildflowers.

Taste Life in the Garden

Bea and Tom Schumacher spoke to Annie Thorton about life in the garden when the space was featured as a Houzz Garden of the Week in 2021.

See Before + After

To see the Retreat’s vibrant living and entertaining spaces, as well as the space before its renovation, see Houzz: Schumacher Garden Retreat Profile

Plant Palette: Schumacher Garden Retreat

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Here are blooms you are likely to see on the Native Plant Garden Tour:

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