January 2015: Descanso’s Center Circle

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Happy New Year! We feel truly celebratory as we start 2015. Last year brought strong change in public perceptions of our landscaping choices. We believe the positive momentum will continue to build as aesthetic leaders like Descanso Gardens showcase lush, low water landscapes. Thank you for leading L.A. toward a more sustainable, vibrant future!


Inspire a New AestheticDescanso small
Tips: Long time landsape trendsetter Descanso Gardens will soon feature a lush, low water Center Circle Garden designed and installed by FormLA Landscaping. Descanso Executive Director David R. Brown defined his vision for the project and Descanso’s water wise future in a presentation with Cassy Aoyagi. ViewLook for Lush
Gallery: Descanso Gardens’s new Center Circle Garden will feature foliage that thrives, appearing lush while needing little water. For a taste of the garden’s flavor, view the project’s plant palate. View GalleryPerform BeautifullyFormLA2015_Descanso_Centaurea gymnocarpa
Wet-to-Dry: Like WalMarts and Home Depots, Senecio Cineraria, aka Dusty Miller, can be found in virtually every American town. While we don’t dispute the utility of Dusty Miller’s mounds of silvery foliage, we tend to use and recommend more locally-relavent alternatives. Read More


While rainy season hasn’t been all that rainy, it is still a great time to plant. In exchanging thirsty foliage for drought-tolerant alternatives, we are helping to ensure your garden and Los Angeles thrives whatever the weather forecast may bring. We will:

Prepare for Spring Growth:

  • Cut grasses to their bases
  • Prune ornamental shrubs and Mediterranean plants
  • Provide special feeding to citrus and acid loving plants
  • Evaluate empty areas for fill-in
  • Plant native plants

Getting Ready for a Dry Year:


Inspiring a New Aesthetic
Look for Lush
Perform Beautifully


Theodore Payne Tour
Descanso Opening
Van Nys Neighborhood
Sierra Madre Rotary Club
Brentwood Tour
Dwell on Design


Preparing for Spring Growth
Get Ready for a Dry Year


Weiss Garden Wins Award
Jorge Lopez Returns


March 14: Theodore Payne Foundation Gourmet Garden Tour

March 15: Descanso Center Circle Garden Opens

March 21 and 22: Theodore Payne Foundation Native Garden Tour

March 21: Sierra Madre Rotary Panel Conversation

March 26: Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Presentation

April 12: Brentwood Drought Tolerant Garden Tour

April 25: Drought Tolerant Maintenance Workshop

May 29 and 30: Dwell on Design Los Angeles


Congratulations Hilda and Wayne Weiss! The Weiss home and garden earned award for Historic Preservation and Addition from the Santa Monica Conservancy. See the garden at this year’s Theodore Payne Foundation Native Garden Tour and in our Gallery.

Foreman Jorge Lopez has returned to FormLA Landscaping! Those of you who had the joy of working with Jorge can imagine how happy we are with his return.


Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi, Principals: Cassy@formlainc.com

Mark Britten, Production Manager: Mark@formlainc.com

John Avakian, Bookkeeping: John@formlainc.com

Ed Woodbury, Maintenance and Horticultural Team Leaders: Ed@formlainc.com

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