April 2015: A New Look for Los Angeles. Pin Our Pallets.

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April 2015

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We owe a great debt of gratitude to Descanso Gardens. Thanks to a the visionary leadership of executive director David Brown, the iconic gardens now feature a Center Circle designed specifically to help Angelenos envision their own authentic Los Angeles landscape.

We are incredibly honored to have the chance to contribute to this L.A. treasure and very proud of the work of our design and build teams. We look forward to seeing you there!


Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


Showcase BlueberriesTour Theodore Payne Favorite
KTLA. Gayle Anderson: Tour a perennial native garden tour favorite with its owner Hilda Weiss, and Theodore Payne Foundation’s Kitty Connolly. View Tour

Showcase BlueberriesSee the New Look of LA KABC. Jovana Lara: Descanso Gardens showcases a New Look for LA. See the new Center Circle Garden and hear about Descanso Gardens’ vision for the updated garden. View Story
Showcase BlueberriesGet Lush and Low Water KCBS. Adriana Weingold: Descanso Gardens’new lush and low water look is very different from what Angelenos might expect from a drought tolerant garden.View Story
Showcase BlueberriesSave 35%? No Problem La Canada Valley Sun. Sara Cardine: Take a photo tour and learn more about the drought’s impact on L.A. and La Canada. Read More.

Showcase BlueberriesPin Our Lush Low Water Pallet Wet-to-Dry: The new Center Circle Garden at Descanso Gardens expresses an authentic aesthetic for Los Angeles. Get the full Plant Pallet in PDF or Pin Plants!


Whether or not we get showers, Los Angeles in April is already rocking the flowers! Our hillsides and home-sides are full and fragrant with blooming natives like Hummingbird Sage and California Lilac. If you are going it alone, please join us in taking the following steps:

Protect homes from fires:

  • Raise low branches on shrubs, keeping foliage off the ground
  • Open shrubbery and reduce flammable material with structural pruning
  • Remove all dead material and weed growth
  • Clear foliage away from rooflines and eaves
  • Maintain proper spacing among plants
  • Follow fire code restrictions within 200 feet of structures

Protect your health… and your wallet:

  • Eliminate sitting water to avoid mosquito breeding
  • Eliminate run-off and overspray by inspecting common sprinklers for leaks
  • Ensure optimal coverage via drip irrigation and timer management
  • Mulch to maintain soil moisture and prevent weeds
  • Water by hand where necessary

Ready gardens for summer:

  • Replenish vegetable and herb gardens… Mmmm basil!
  • Evaluate Oak tree pruning needs for July and August

As you know, its important to prep for heat while things are still lush and lovely. Please fax your fire inspection notice to us (818-353-6837), and we’ll take care of the rest


Tour Gardens with KTLA
Get the New Look of LA
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Brentwood Garden Tour
Drought Tolerant Maintenance Workshop
Dwell on Design


Prepare for Fire Season
Protect Health
Ready Gardens for BBQ Season


Cassy Imagines with Van Nuys
Sierra Madre Celebrates Water


April 12: Brentwood Garden Tour

April 25: Drought Tolerant Maintenance Workshop

May 29 and 30: Dwell on Design

Save the Dates


Meet the Look for LA design team, Isara Ongwiseth, Eric Crow and Cassy Aoyagi!

Cassy Aoyagi spoke about authentic Los Angeles landscapes in a city-wide visioning symposium in Van Nuys.


Sierra Madre’s first annual Water Days attracted many residents interested in learning how to achieve a lush, low water look.


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