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Summer is here!!! Celebrate its arrival by visiting us at Dwell on Design. Cassy will share tips for creating extraordinarily beautiful outdoor spaces, and the show floor will be full of innovations in modern design. We hope to see you there and look forward to seeing you enjoying your gardens as well!

Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi


Join us at Dwell on Design!
Dwell on Design: Congratulations to Leslie Hope, Caroline Kowalski, and Gabrielle Pascoe, who won our Dwell on Design ticket give-away! We hope you will also visit Dwell Outdoor, where FormLA has built an extraordinary playland displaying the latest and greatest in modern outdoor design. Use our registration code to earn a discount on tickets. To get the code click here.
Prevent Natural Disasters with Smart Landscaping
Diane Brandon, Naturally Vibrant Living: In LA, we’ve come to expect fires, floods and slides, just as we expect earthquakes and celebrities in our coffee shops… but are they necessary? Diane and Cassy discuss how smart, sustainable landscaping choices can literally prevent these “natural” disasters. Hear the Interview
10 Ways to Keep Mosquitos at Bay
Sadia Latifi, iVillage. Mosquitos are expected to be especially abundant this year. For bite-free backyard BBQs, check out mosquito-repelling tips from Cassy and other landscaping experts. Stay Bite Free


If this is your list of DIYs or honey-dos, consider letting us to the heavy lifting! In June, we will:

Get ready to party:

  • Deadhead to promote longer blooms
  • Prune for structural growth
  • Refresh container gardens
  • Check oaks for pruning (for July-Sept pruning)
  • Check and change low volt bulbs for safety, efficiency and drama
  • Shining hardscapes, water features and outdoor kitchens

Prevent Tier 2 water prices:

  • Eliminate run-off and overspray, inspect common sprinklers for leaks and ensure drip irrigation provides proper coverage
  • Manage timers for optimal watering on minimal days
  • Mulching to maintain soil moisture and prevent weed growth
  • Water by hand where necessary



Save the World, Money and Time in Your Own Backyard
Prevent Natural Disasters with Smart Landscaping
10 Ways to Keep Mosquitos at Bay


Dwell on Design


Get ready to party
Prevent Tier 2″ water prices


Save the Dates
Request FormLA Speakers

June 22-24: : Dwell on Design. See an outdoor modern design wonderland built by FormLA Landscaping!

Saturday, June 23rd, 3:30-3:55 PM: IdealMow Lawn Alternatives DEMO at Dwell on Design

Sunday, June 24, 2:30-2:55 PM: Water-Wise LA Panel at Dwell on Design

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FormLA® Landscaping designs, builds and maintains custom sustainable landscapes that beautifully complement the distinct and varied architecture of Los Angeles County. See our expanding Portfolio.


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