Shade-Loving Plants Flourish July 23, 2019. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: The grass is always greener in your neighbor’s backyard, especially if she’s got a ton of sunshine to help her plants and flowers thrive. But across the street at your house, it may be a different story altogether.

9 Ideas for an Outdoor Shower Oasis June 14, 2019. By Jennifer Kelly Geddes: Outdoor showers are a hot home feature these days. This back-to-nature oasis is especially smart for those who live on the coast or near a lake, though it’s also handy for rinsing off a naughty dog or muddy tools after gardening.

This LA Couple is on a Mission

LA Times. June 14, 2019. By Lisa Boone: Plant a native; help save Los Angeles. That’s Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi’s mission.
They’re not alone. All over Southern California, gardeners are removing their turf lawns and replacing them with indigenous plantings, prompted by turf removal rebates, the opportunity to combat climate change and, as Kirk says, “just doing the right thing.”