3 Reasons to Drip

Drip Delivers Benefits Well Beyond Water Savings


May 15, 2016. By Kirk Aoyagi: Smart irrigation plays a significant role in ensuring FormLA Landscaping gardens go beyond water savings to deliver optimal sustainability. We use hydrozoned, low-flow, subsurface, drip irrigation on weather controllers. Here is why.

We want our California native gardens to thrive! The way water is delivered to California native and climate compatible foliage determines its success. When just enough water is delivered to the roots, it encourages them to go look for it.  As a result, the plants establish deeper roots more quickly.  Deep roots add to plant resilience in drought and stability in high water years.

Drip delivers a better owner (and neighbor!) experience. If you have a traditional garden and sprinkling system, there are a few things you may have stopped noticing. How the sprinklers wake you at 4am. Bruised ankles from tripping on sprinkler heads. The water marks when you park your car too close to the lawn. They might not bother you now, but when they are absent, you will feel the difference!

We like to hide the ugly.  Sprinklers may be useful, but no one has ever called them attractive. Smart irrigation delivers important aesthetic components of the New Look for LA.  Just blooms and bountiful beauty – no hoses and sprinkler heads.


Kirk Aoyagi is an EPA-accredited  WaterSense manager, a California Landscape Contractor’s Association (CLCA) certified water manager, and a California Landscape Irrigation Association (CLIA) licensed irrigation auditor.  He earned bachelors of science degrees in environmental horticulture science at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.


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