Wildfire and Air Quality

fire defensive home construction and retrofits protect all angelenos

May 2023. By Cassy Aoyagi: It’s natural to focus on the impact of wildfires close to the wildlife urban interface (WUI), particularly when and where homes are lost. Yet, the impact of wildfire is felt well beyond the WUI due to its deleterious effect on air quality.

Led by J. Lopez, public member, California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, this conversation explores potential solutions. Our co-panelists include: Marc Los Huertos, associate professor of environmental analysis, Pomona College; Amanda Cavallo, designer and project manager, SweisKloss; and Brian Sheridan, Coalition for Clean Air.

Architect Amanda Cavallo delivered a mic-drop moment. In calling attention to use of building materials that are “flammable, chemical, synthetic, combustible and explosive,” she honed in on LA’s greatest fire and air quality dangers. She also put the power to mitigate them in the hands of property owners and the building industries. We are grateful for perspective that helps us all fear less and take more effective action.

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