Grandma Chic in the Garden

Create spaces that feel wild and free while placing the world at your feet

You are a wild thing. You like surprises and eschew too much structure. Your ideal patios and walks will feel like you’ve hiked into into the wild to discover something new in a place you already love. You might be digging the grandma chic and 70s trends after decades of rigorously edited spaces.


Be Gone Lawn!

Of all the personality types, you are the most likely to look entirely beyond the lawn and seek a rich tapestry of textures and blooms. Once you have it, you feel more than a little sorry for the poor houses locked in those horrible green straight jackets!


Kick Concrete to the Curb

Wrapped with blooms and all they bring, you feel compelled to wander, and you don’t want concrete under your feet as you do. You will likely prefer the subtle sounds and softness of decomposed gravel rocks to the percussion of gravel. After all, its important the birds, bees and lizards aren’t sent into hiding as you explore.


Au Natural

Even lawn-free, you may feel constrained in a space that feels too formed. You know what LA’s natural spaces feel like. Your foliage must not be fussy, but it should have a rhythm and flow of heights, textures and colors.


Peaceful Living

Once surrounded by authentic nature, you may find yourself less compelled to head to the hills. You may find the peace you sought on the mountain right outside your door.


More Information

Foliage from our New (Natural) Look for LA plant palette brings a variety of colors and textures that makeĀ a walk from your door to an outdoor seating area carry all the joy of a stroll along the Backbone Trail.