How to Wear Greenery

lose outdated iced latte landscapes – go wild with greenery

By Cassy Aoyagi: Color trendsetter Pantone selected its 2017 color of the year: Greenery, aka shade #15-0343. People and InStyle Magazines advise wearing the color carefully. In contrast, we like the thought of going a little wild with it!
After all, Pantone describes Greenery as a “life affirming color” that encourages us to “take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.” Who couldn’t use a little more of that? While the lawn-green color may be “nature’s neutral,” it’s been hard to find in Southern California as garden after garden transforms into a beige blob in an attempt to address the drought. That is so 2016! (Seriously – Iced Latte, shade #15-1040, was a 2016 color of the year).
Not only is brown passé, Greenery is much more productive. That is true in both drought and deluge (Gravel vs. Greenery). Here are a few plants that will keep you in timeless and authentic LA Greenery, year in and year out:
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