Save Time and Money

What Is Your Turf Grass Costing You?

June 2014. By FormLA Staff: Positioning properties to use less water with drought tolerant, sustainable landscaping can produce significant savings of both money and time. In fact, Consumer Reports included “thinking beyond grass” among its top 10 landscaping money-savers in 2009.



Replacing 1000 square feet of lawn with an IdealMow can:

  • Save $1000-2000 each year in labor, or approximately 65 hours of your time
  • Reduce dump fees by up to $1500 annually
  • Eliminate fuel and mower maintenance costs
  • Eliminate fertilizer and pesticide costs
  • Prevent hundreds of dollars in water consumption fees and raised rates

A 1000 square foot investment quickly pays dividends. It will save more than $3500 each year – the current Health Savings Account contribution limit. It will recoup the cost of it’s renovation in under three years – faster with grants. After just ten years, savings could fund most of a 4-year degree at UCLA at in-state tuition rates.

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