New Rebates for Rain Barrels

Updated January 8, 2019. By Oscar Ortega: There are so many reasons to save for a sunny day! Rain barrels and cisterns can keep your water bills low through the heat of summer. More importantly, they protect your garden’s resilience to drought.

The beauty of the biological pond, key to creating habitat in this urban space, is front and center. Less visible is the rain barrel, which can save up to 55 gallons of supplemental water for use in the garden. See this urban wildlife oasis on the 2019 Native Plant Garden Tour.

If you want to save water, be sure to let your municipality help you save money too!Municipal rebates and incentives for rain barrel and cistern installation are substantial – for good reason. Saving rainwater lessens LA’s water dependance, protects aging stormwater infrastructure and improves the health and cleanliness of our beaches. See below for ways to save.


The West Basin Water District offers free rain barrels at local events – there is high demand, so pre-registration is necessary! Rain Barrel International offers discounted rain barrels at local events in the LA area.

Believe it or not, you can make a fashion statement with your rain barrel! There is a barrel for every aesthetic, and the City of Santa Monica has a long list of local rain barrel providers.


Many LA-area municipalities offer grants or rebates. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the support available.

SoCal Water Smart

$35.00 Rain Barrel: 50-199 gallons. Max. quantity: 2.
$250.00 Cistern: 200-500 gallons. Max. quantity: 1
$300.00 Cistern: 501-999 gallons. Max. quantity: 1
$350.00 Cistern: 1000+ gallons. Max. quantity: 1

Rebate Guidelines
How to Apply (Video)
Maintenance Tip Sheet

City of Pasadena

Up to $100 per rain barrel
Up to $600 per cistern

City of Santa Monica

Up to $2000 in rain harvest rebates

San Gabriel Municipal Water District

$35.00 Rain Barrel: 50-199 gallons. Max. quantity: 1
$250.00 Cistern: 200-500 gallons
$300.00 Cistern: 501-999 gallons
$350.00 Cistern: 1000+ gallons