Design for (Home) Appreciation

5 Tips to Maximize Returns on Your Landscape Investment

Landscaping produces powerful cost savings and return on investment at sale. Recent data helps us see what factors produce the greatest return on investment when it comes to home values, day-to-day cost savings, and homeowner enjoyment.  Here are a few high-impact design strategies we use:

Go with the Flow

A professional landscape design facilitates your lifestyle. HGTV’s “Bang for the Buck” finds that the flow of the outdoor floor plan and percent of usable space also adds to the return on a landscaping investment.

Plant (or Preserve) A Tree

The U.S. Forrest Service estimates that trees add a 3-7 percent  increase in value to a home. Eighty-four percent of real estate agents agreed, noting homes with trees are as much as 20 percent more salable.  Proper placement of just 3 trees also saves $100-200 in energy costs each year, according to The U.S. Department of Energy. Others document energy savings of 25- 75 percent.

Appreciate the Little Things

Small foliage costs less, establishes more effectively, and appreciates! A Virginia Tech study illustrates jumps in home value as foliage increases in size and variability.

Get Decked Up

Angie’s List names wooden decks as one of the top 3 return-producing home investments.

Go Back to Your Roots

Switching 1000 square feet of lawn with ready-to-play California native grass will save more than $3500 a year in water, dump and maintenance fees alone.  See the total cost of ownership for an IdealMow lawn alternative.




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