What to Expect in Winter


Winter showers bring spring flowers – and a few blooms of their own! It’s critical to prepare for and manage rains, but winter in LA can be just as safe, vibrant and colorful as any other season. Here are the blooms to expect, and what to do to keep an authentic garden in tip-top shape through the rainy season.




Keep your gardens safe and celebration-ready this holiday season with our December to-do list.

Protect homes:

  • Turn off irrigation controllers, thanks to rain!
  • Clean gutters and check waterways

Keep gardens structured and thriving:

  • Harvest winter veggies like fennel and parsnips
  • Prune conifers and other deciduous trees and deep-feed citrus trees
  • Continue to cut back thriving natives and native grasses as they experience growth spurts
  • Divide grasses
  • Plant, mulch, plant and mulch!




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The New Year is a time for list making. If sprucing up your garden is on yours, borrow from our list of to-dos! We will:

Ensure rainy-season peace of mind:

  • Clean gutters to prevent home damage
  • Monitor run-off and water catchment systems to protect homes and slopes
  • Re-stake trees to ensure support during seasonal winds
  • Adjust irrigation quantity and timers
  • Make sure rain sensors work
  • Prevent El Nino-related disasters (checklist)

Do the heavy lifting that brings a beautiful spring:

  • Cut grasses to their bases
  • Evaluate empty spaces for great fill-ins
  • Feed citrus and acid loving plants
  • Prune ornamental shrubs, conifers, deciduous trees, roses, ornamental fruits, native an
  • Mediterranean foliage to make room for spring growth and inspire proper form
  • Spray roses and ornamental fruits with ecofriendly dormant oil and organic amending with blood meal




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El Nino has yet to deliver a true deluge but a little rain has brought blooms out of hiding in our hillsides. If you wander into the mountains, you’ll see an Oscar-worthy show.This month, we will prepare your garden to look its best whether spring brings rain or shine. We will:

Conserve Water and Soil Moisture:

  • Identify and fixing irrigation leaks
  • Add mulch to retain water and build soil quality
  • Change batteries on irrigation timers
  • Adjust clocks on irrigation and lighting timers
  • Prune Mediterranean foliage
  • Reduce evaporation from lawns by raising mower heights

Prep for a Beautiful Year:

  • Identify cut flowers to brighten indoor spaces
  • Plant edibles to match your meal interests
  • Exchange wet for dry loving plants

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