Kirk Aoyagi, Vice President

Co-Founder and Vice President, FormLA Landscaping

Kirk Aoyagi ensures each outdoor space FormLA® Landscaping builds goes beyond saving water to water positivity using the latest technologies and most sustainable practices. He is energized by matching that technical goal with the opportunity to complement the varied, distinctive architectural styles of Los Angeles.

Kirk has a deep understanding of sustainable landscape-supporting technologies, particularly those related water conservation. He is an EPA-accredited WaterSense manager, a certified water manager and a CLIA, Irrigation Association irrigation auditor. Kirk knows the ins and outs of sophisticated smart irrigation systems, weather-based controllers, as well as low impact runoff prevention and mitigation techniques. This knowledge supports FormLA® Landscaping’s ability to develop water positive landscapes and to retrofit existing irrigation systems to conserve water.

Kirk and his wife Cassy founded FormLA Landscaping as C&K Landscape Design in 1997. By 2000, their interest in ensuring everything their clients experienced was “just right” led them to building a full-service firm. Cassy and Kirk’s work has been featured in a multitude of Los Angeles garden tours, and garnered significant press coverage.

In addition to his water-focused credentials, Kirk is a registered sustainable landscaper and a licensed landscape contractor. He earned bachelors of science degree in environmental horticulture science at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

If you see a mountain bike whizz by you in the LA foothills, it just might be Kirk. Mountain biking is a great passion, as is being the best dad ever to the couple’s son and two Portuguese Water Dogs.


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