Get a (Garden) Refund!

5 Money-Saving Sustainable Maintenance Practices

April 2021. By Oscar Ortega: Looking forward to a tax refund? No, we’re not going to try and tell you how to spend it! We think you should get a refund every month… from your landscape! Here’s how:


Mow Less

Many mow traditional lawns too low. Simply raising the height of a mower and/or mowing less frequently can make a world of difference in the amount of support a lawn needs to thrive. It will also save gasoline, and your heart.

If you have a native meadow, you have even more choice here – you can simply trim it here and there with scissors. It’s fun – the kids enjoy it much more!


Sweep More

While blowing may feel like child’s play, how much is gasoline for the blower costing you? Perhaps more than you think. Simply picking up a broom or a rake instead may save your pocketbook and your ears.


Water Less

Many overwater. It is particularly easy to do with overhead sprinklers. This kicks off an un-virtuous cycle… foliage fails, pests attack, pesticides and fertilizers are purchased. Talk about chasing sunk costs! Water less. Take it to the next level by adding rain barrels to catch precipitation from dewy mornings, foggy nights, or passing showers.


Mulch More

Save what you might have spent on toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and supplemental water by adding a three inch layer of organic mulch to open soil. It will help hold-in soil hydration and feed plants as it decays.



Chemical fertilizers cost a pretty penny – and our health. Compost makes for a cost free and convenient alternative. It reduces dump and garbage removal costs, even if it only hosts green waste from your garden.

Looking for more stimulus? Even slowly evolving a traditional garden into one that hosts more native plants can put even more money in your pocket! A look at our Design+Build Tips is a good start in that direction.

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