Day in the Life: Maintenance

Blooms, birdsong and teamwork

Working on a FormLA Landscaping team may be a little different than what you expect from landscape maintenance work. Here is what the company’s commitment to sustainability means for our day to day.

Our work is anything but “mow and go.” In fact, many of our clients live the lawn-free life! That means some of our visits are mow-free too.

We structurally prune foliage, deadhead blooms, sweep, rake, and adjust lighting and irrigation systems. We’re respected for our horticultural and systems expertise by our teammates, the broader FormLA team, and our clients.

We have specialized expertise in helping our clients maintain their gardens to reduce fire and slide risk. When we look back on a job well done, we know we’ve given our clients safety and peace of mind along with beauty.

We don’t just work outside. We work in nature! The native plants in the gardens we’ve designed and built attract birds, butterflies, bees, lizards and other wildlife. Because our maintenance methods and tools are quiet and chemical free, its not uncommon for us to hear birdsong as we work.