Landscape Architect

see your designs make an impact and evolve into all you’ve envisioned

The FormLA Landscaping designers serve as client liaisons and actively collaborate with our landscape construction team through the design and installation processes. They also engage with our maintenance teams to ensure their designs reach their greatest possible beauty and impact.

In this role, you’ll be part of a team building truly remarkable landscapes. This job involves creativity, problem solving, effective oral and written communication, team collaboration, client relations, and often travel throughout much of Los Angeles County. You’ll be mentored by the LEED and SITEs accredited business owners and four time sustainable innovation award-winning lead designer. You’ll be deeply appreciated for working in creative partnership with our full team.


In this role, you will:

Design beautiful, sustainable spaces:

  • Incorporate designs into drawings and plans
  • Produce construction drawings, details, and specifications.
  • Process redlines and revisions
  • Create color exhibits and illustrations (Photoshop and hand drafted)
  • Assist in design by sharing opinions, give feedback and executing the same

Manage projects and logistics:

  • Locate and budget materials, including plants, from suppliers and local sources
  • Process permits, and submittals with city or agency
  • Importing pictures, images or attachments
  • Communicate with clients, consultants, vendor via email and other technologies (Draft emails to clients)
  • Work with a team to determine a design vision for a project and construct proposals

Fulfill in-garden responsibilities:

  • Survey sites, locating utilities and other critical aspects
  • Site documentation, including measurement and photography
  • Guidance and collaboration with build and maintenance teams where necessary



We’ll think you are a great match if you have:

  • Certifications and/or degree in landscape architecture,
  • Expertise in (and affection for) working with California native foliage,
  • Accreditation in LEED and/or SITES (environmental) design practices,
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and
  • A collaborative, relationship-focused approach to the work.

We need someone who has:

  • A degree in landscape architecture, environmental design, arboriculture, urban forestry, horticulture, plant science, plant pathology, environmental sciences, landscape management, or equivalent experience
  • Interest in building long-term relationships with clients and co-workers
    Willingness to engage with those who will bring their designs to life as valued peers
  • Curiosity and inquisitiveness
  • Problem solving agility
  • Initiative to clarity where there is ambiguity
  • Interest in growing environmental design skill-sets
  • Familiarity with the native plants that thrive in Los Angeles
  • Hand drafting and illustration desired
  • Basic planting and irrigation design knowledge preferred
  • Basic IT knowledge
  • Basic software competence: AutoCAD and Sketchup proficiency, as well as Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Photoshop, Powerpoint


About Working with Us

FormLA Landscaping’s teams enjoy working hand-in-hand with one another to care for our clients and the environment. While we are a local, boutique firm, we have high visibility, high impact, and the opportunity to grow and build your career.

If you’re looking to work with some of the top designers, craftsman and horticulturists in California, we are your team!

You build our success, and we’ll help you build yours with benefits that include:

Competitive Pay: 50-65K depending on experience


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Health insurance contributions
  • Paid time off (sick + vacation)
  • Professional development assistance
  • Referral program
  • Company cell phone
  • Mileage reimbursement for personal vehicle use

Schedule:Monday to Friday, Self-directed 8 hour shifts

Supplemental Pay: Discretionary performance based bonuses, supplemental pay, signing bonus, bonus pay

COVID-19 precautions: We believe in taking care of our team, our clients, and LA. FormLA Landscaping was among the first set of businesses to earn the LA County Public Health Covid-19 Safety Compliance Certificate. More Information

Grow Money on Trees

Perhaps it is possible… If You Know the Which, Where, How & Why

April 2021. By Isara Ongwiseth: While leaves may not look exactly like dollar bills or coins, they may as well be. Tree canopy is one of the best ways to build the value of a property. So, yes, money just might grow on trees!


Exactly how valuable are trees?

Trees are so valuable, there is a whole profession dedicated to appraising them! According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, mature trees can have a value of $1-10,000. They have been shown to amplify property values by 3-15 percent. 15 percent! University of Washington’s Green Cities Good Health project notes that trees are so powerful, they can improve your neighbors’ home values as well. Amazing.


Which trees produce the most green?

In general, trees with established tree canopy are more valuable than those with petite or young canopy. For this reason alone, maintaining, protecting and preserving these valuable resources is key.

Street trees are part of this equation. Management Information Services places the averages value of the nation’s 60 million street trees at $525 each, and a U.S. Forest Service study placed the collective value of California’s street trees at about $1 billion.

The lead author of the study noted that “for each dollar spent on planting or maintaining a street tree, that tree returns, on average, $5.82 in benefits.” If the beauty of Western Redbud’s heart-shaped leaves don’t make your heart beat faster, maybe those returns will!

You can assess the value of the trees on your property, or evaluate the trees on your mind, using a tree value calculator. You can even estimate its annual appreciation.

Whether or not a calculator reflects it, native trees may be of particular value. Our established native oaks and sycamore, for example, have expansive canopies, grown over the course of decades if not hundreds of years. As native trees are those most adapted to thrive in our full climate cycle and adapt to climate change, we think there is a great case to highly value them as new plantings. Those most adapted to our environment will live to throw more shade.


Where should I plant them?

Smart placement of trees helps maximize their value. In summer heat, trees planted to the south and west can help maintain your cool, and that of your home and garden. Of course this makes life more pleasant – it also saves on energy costs.

Selecting the right tree for the right place is essential. This practice amplifies safety, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and protects the tree’s ability to grow and appreciate to its full value. How do you match the plant to the place? Look up and around as you plant. Plant where there is enough space for each tree at its greatest possible size. For example, sycamore need expanses while Palo Verde and Western Redbud can fulfill their destinies in small spaces.


Why are trees so valuable?

We couldn’t find a source that gave us a definitive reason for the financial impact of trees. What we know for sure is that, while home appreciation is nice, but there is so much more about trees to appreciate! Trees make walking more enjoyable, which unifies neighborhoods. Trees sing and twitter as they provide habitat to birds. They slow stormwater flooding as well as climate change, and even protect homes from flying embers. They almost instantaneously lower our levels of stress and inspire wonder. Should I go on?

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  • Tree Plant Nation: Tree Value Calculator
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