We Roll with Style

We ride to each job together in company branded trucks

November 2021. By Oscar Ortega: As a manager and as a team member, one of my favorite perks is team transportation. We look good when we roll up! It’s not all that common in the landscaping industry, and it makes a difference on several levels. Here’s why it feels important.


It evokes courtesy.

When we arrive on a job, our trucks set a tone for our interactions. They are clean and professional, and it helps clients and their neighbors understand us as experts and professionals.

Gas is covered.

As gas prices skyrocket, they are not hitting my team member paychecks. This is huge! And it isn’t just gas. Because we use FormLA Landscaping trucks to reach job sites, we save wear and tear on our personal vehicles.

Team members can use public transit.

Stable transportation can be a barrier to entry into the landscaping transportation, particularly for maintenance professionals who visit multiple gardens in a day. As long as a team member can reliably get to our offices, they do not need a car or a license. Metro, bus, bike or skateboard, we are all for alternative transit.

It’s more efficient.

We know we will all get to our next site at the same time. Because our team leaders know their gardens and stock each truck for the day, we also know all the tools we need will be there when we are. We are more effective, and there is much less stress as a result.

It’s pretty fun!

Let’s face it… driving through LA County every day could be really unfun. For us, it can actually be fantastic. There are some great story and joke tellers on the team, which makes for fun rides. Even on days where we are all a bit quiet, it really reduces one of the main stressors of maintenance work.
Professional trucks are just one of the tools FormLA Landscaping provides. It’s worth noting, we provide PPE too.