We Work (Only) Weekdays

Rest Is Essential to Great Landscaping

November 2021. By Cassy Aoyagi: Before we grew into FormLA Landscaping, co-founder Kirk Aoyagi and I did every job now done by our team members. We know what it takes to bring our best to each task. Reliable transportation. The right tools. Rest.

That last one is tricky in our profession. Many companies offer services on the weekends, and even solo professionals who want a weekend can feel pressure from clients to work. Here’s why we don’t operate on weekends, so we won’t ask you to work them.


We want your best work.

Our sustainable building and maintenance practices require concentration, attention to detail, care, creativity, and curiosity. These are the first things to go when we don’t have enough rest. We need you at your best, so we protect your rest.

We care about safety.

We use muscle, know-how, and, in some jobs, heavy machinery. It’s not just the beauty of our gardens that requires concentration, attention to detail, and care, it’s the safety of our teams. We want you and your teammates to be as safe as possible, so we protect your rest.

We want you to be happy.

It is very hard to be happy and exhausted. It is even harder to stay engaged and enthusiastic at work when it is all you do. We want you to love your job and the life it gives you enough to build and grow your career with us. For that reason, we make sure you have weekends to build a life!