Gardens of the World, Fall 2015

Volunteers and learners from the La Canada community joined La Canada Valley Beautiful and FormLA Landscaping in October 2015. Here are highlights from the hands-on workshop – they are a great reference for DIY projects in your garden!

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Hike & Learn Resources

Heading out into LA’s wild spaces? Hiking near your home is a great way to see bloom and foliage cycles, microclimate and companion-plant preferences, not to mention how well natives thrive in your local climate.

Join us or take us with you! You are sure to see plants from these plant palettes as you hit the trails.

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Gardens of the World Palettes

We make it easy to recreate gardens from the 5 drought tolerant regions of the world. Get designs and plant palettes at the La Canada Public Library or click here to pin plant palettes from Australia, California, Chile, the Mediterranean Basin and South Africa.

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