Gardens of the World

La Canada Valley Beautiful and FormLA Landscaping worked in partnership to create the Gardens of the World. They aimed to beautify this high-profile community space, save water, demonstrate the aesthetic of LA climate friendly gradens, and serve as a resource for both property owners and professional landscapers. From 2008-2016, the Gardens were maintained, in part, through free community workshops hosted by FormLA Landscaping and La Canada Valley Beautiful. They are now maintained by La Canada Valley Beautiful.

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Theodore Payne Foundation

Theodore Payne Foundation for (California!) Wildflowers and Native Plants and FormLA Landscaping share a common president of the board in Cassy Aoyagi. We also share a common philosophy. We believe choosing native foliage ensures Los Angeles thrives while rocking a look distinctive from anywhere else in the world. Theodore Payne Foundation promotes this uniquely California aesthetic, educates the public about the how-tos of native gardening, and maintains a bountiful nursery of natives.

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Hike & Learns Explore LA Wildspace

Each year, FormLA Landscaping co-founders Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi host treks in to wild spaces throughout Los Angeles County. The hikes are a wonderful chance to learn about California natives and edibles, understand the impact of our landscaping choices on the natural environment, and get a good workout!

Watch our events page for chances to join us. You may also enjoy taking our hike and learn guide along as you explore LA’s wild spaces on your own.

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