Assess Irrigation

Well-Maintained, Effective Irrigation Supports Beauty with Every Drop

May 27, 2022. By Oscar Ortega: We want to help ensure our clients’ have peace of mind – even joy – around their irrigation systems and outdoor water use. This means keeping a close watch on irrigation systems, as even small leaks can have a big impact on water use.



The EPA estimates 50% of outdoor water is wasted through overwatering. Not in our gardens! We design and install the most efficient irrigation configurations available. These systems track the weather and automatically adjust to the most current expectations for precipitation and wind. We are also able to control systems from offsite in the event we see a need to course correct between scheduled visits.



Each month, we check to ensure irrigation is performing as expected. We repair breaks, adjust and replace nozzles when needed, and check for runoff and overspray. We use these checks to adjust timing if we find any area to be dry or overly hydrated.


1-2x Per Year

Even under our watchful care, deeper irrigation evaluations can be of great value.

MWD offers free assessments for properties larger than 1-acre. The Los Angeles County Public Works Department also offers free assessments for indoor+outdoor water use.

Our irrigation technician team, informed by EPA WaterSense guidance, conducts even deeper evaluations and updates upon client request. These evaluations ensure optimal performance and efficiency. During these assessments, we:

  • Check and clean filters
  • Change batteries on controllers
  • Check rain sensor(s)
  • Update irrigation schedule(s)
  • Run and assess each hydrozone
  • Inspect valves
  • Check system pressure
  • Adjust and replace nozzles as needed

Deep assessment is recommended for anyone who sees runoff onto sidewalks and streets and for those living in fire-prone ares. (While there are ways to fight fire without water, hydrated foliage is an important quality of fire defensive landscapes). They may also bring peace of mind to those who simply want to ensure their water use is low while garden beauty remains off the charts through our hot, dry summers.

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