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What Will Los Angeles look like in 2050?

It depends, in large part on the landscaping choices we make right now.

The lush, leafy, low-maintenance landscapes we design aren’t just lovely – they protect your health and the resilience of Los Angeles. From the beach to the foothills, and whether you aim for a classic, modern, bold or natural style, we have the know-how to create the landscape of your dreams. One that defines your space and gives Los Angeles a distinctive sense of place. At the completion of a design+build project with us, you will have a landscape full of beauty, fragrance, birdsong and butterflies that supports the way you want to live.


How We’re Different

Your dreams are at the center of our design process. Once we understand them, our LEED+SITEs-savvy designers will bring them to life using strategies and materials that will have you living your best life. The ins and outs that guide our designs include:

In: Architecture-Enhancing Designs – Out: Boring Expanses of Thirsty Turf Grass

In: Diverse, Natural IdealMow Lawns – Out: Hot, Stinky and Stiff Synthetic Turf

In: Vibrant Perennial Color in Each Season – Out: Fussy Rows of Annual Blooms

In: Lush, Leafy, Low-Maintenance Native Foliage – Out: Heat-Amplifying Gravelscapes

In: Materials and Systems that Go with the (H2O) Flow – Out: Stiff, Straight Patios and Drives

In: Taking Appeal to the Curb – Out: Conformist Parkways

In: Peace of Mind, and Joy in Your Garden!

Why It Matters

We do so much more than build beautiful gardens. We aim to support our clients’ vision for their best lives and the needs of Los Angeles. Here are things you’ll come to value about our design services:

Clear Communication
Our design process starts and ends with understanding the needs and dreams of those you hope will enjoy your outdoor spaces. This means listening deeply and making sure we correctly interpret your needs and interests. We also pride ourselves on clear communication with the teams that will bring your dreams to life and help them grow to their fullest potential.

Distinctive Understanding
Our designers’ understanding is informed by more than aesthetic principles and the latest environmental design strategies. Our ongoing communication with our clients, as well as our construction and maintenance teams, informs our insights and strategies. We are naturally curious and have built industry-leading understanding of fire-defensive landscape design, design for Historic Protection Overlay Zones (HPOZ), as well as design that inspires play and a sense of peace.

Dedication to Sustainability
While not all our gardens go through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED or SITEs certification processes, these standards inform our designs. We have unusual, deep and broad understanding of California native plants as well as the features that facilitate water positivity and energy-savings. We aim to reclaim materials onsite to enhance cohesion between your architecture and landscape. Where we need to go offsite, we seek just the right materials from local vendors.

As we design your landscape for your appreciation, we seek to maximize your bottom line. We know how to reduce your full-property operating costs and the time needed to maintain your landscape. We also know how to maximize your return on investment, delivering home-appreciating curb appeal along side your day-to-day joy in your new space. While we are 100 percent focused on your appreciation, we do have a track record of delivering award-winning, press coverage and garden tour-worthy landscapes.

Peace of Mind

At the end of each day and at the end of your project we aim to design-in peace of mind and joy in your garden! Check out our Tips | Design + Build in resources for more on how we accomplish that.