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We Keep Your Garden – and You – Healthier

FormLA Landscaping’s maintenance teams are committed to protecting both your wellbeing and the resilience of Los Angeles. Whether we help you establish a garden designed and built by FormLA Landscaping or maintain a more traditional space, we will keep your outdoor spaces verdant, healthy, clean, and hassle-free with craftsmanship, not chemicals.


How We’re Different

Our horticultural care experts and outdoor systems technicians introduce nothing to your garden that we wouldn’t bring into our own homes. Here are the ins and outs of what makes us different.

In: Quiet, Clean Electric Equipment – Out: Noisy, Dirty Gas Blowers and Mowers

In: Birds and Butterflies – Out: Habitat-Killing Pesticides and Insecticides

In: Safe, All-Organic Fertilizer – Out: Toxic Chemical Fertilizers

In: Structural Pruning, Healthy Foliage – Out: Topped Trees, Hacked Hedges

In: Cleanly Mulched Planting Beds – Out: Weeds and Big Water Bills

In: Ready-to-Go Systems and Equipment – Out: Hassles and Disappointments

In: Clear, Effective Communication, Peace of Mind, and Joy in Your Garden!

Why It Matters

We do so much more than make gardens beautiful. We improve lives. Here are things you’ll come to value about our maintenance services:

Cleaner Air
Toxins from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and gas-powered equipment exhaust all compromise air quality. Our chemical-free maintenance practices keep the air in your garden – and home – cleaner and safer.

We sweep, rake, hand-prune, and use electric mowers. These processes produce noticeably less noise than gas-powered mowers, blowers and hedge trimmers. We are so quiet, you may just sleep right through our visit!

Greater Beauty
Our professionals are highly trained horticultural experts and outdoor system technicians. As they care for your plants, you’ll see their structure and health improve. With time, you’ll see your garden grow into its best form.

More Enjoyment
We regularly check irrigation and waterways, slope safety, lighting, and hardscape structure, so all systems are ready-to-go when you want to entertain or relax.

Peace of Mind

At the start of each month, we send an email noting what to expect in your garden – from our to-dos to anticipated blooms. If you have a question or need, we are just an email, call or text away.