Maintenance: Team Member

Grow LA’s Resilience – and Your Own!

This is an entry-level role that can reshape lives and beautify Los Angeles. You’ll be appreciated for your ability to ensure your gardens reach their full potential. Several times a day, you and your team will feel pride as you look back on spaces made more beautiful by your dedicated work.

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Job Description

Our maintenance team members have very different day-to-day experiences than you might expect.
Each workday, you will:

  • Be provided with the tools, equipment and PPE you and your team need to safely do your best job at every task
  • Take pride in the growth of your gardens and accountability for the checklist on each job
  • Monitor the health, safety and cleanliness of the garden as a whole
  • Prune foliage carefully, with an eye for its long term growth
  • Dead-head flowers to keep our gardens blooming
  • Rake mulch into open garden beds
  • Ensure lighting and irrigation systems are performing at their peak
  • Clean hardscapes by sweeping or using quiet, electric equipment
  • Feed on and offsite composting with green waste
  • Plant, manage and harvest edible gardens
  • Remove green and pet waste, move waste bins to the street
  • Clear waterways, including bioswales, dry rivers and other collection points
  • Hand-water container gardens and under-watered space
  • Apply all-organic, non-toxic fertilizers
  • Clip meadows and occasionally mow lawns
  • Recognize over and under-watering symptoms
  • Inspect and adjust irrigation and lighting systems
  • Handwater pots, trees, and other foliage as needed
  • Ensure there is no standing water on the property
  • Close all gates and return tools to the truck
  • Restock truck supplies, including PPE and first aid
  • Maintain gardening equipment
    On average day, you will:

    • Dig
    • Plant
    • Rake
    • Sweep
    • Water
    • Weed
    • Manage low-flow, subsurface drip irrigation and weather-based controllers
    • Manage landscape lighting systems
    • Move and reshaping soil
    • Use hand and/or power tools and/or equipment to perform a wide range of duties

    You’ll like this job if you enjoy jobs where you:

    • Like to see the results of your work and feel accomplishment several times per day
    • Work outside, sometimes in high-heat and/or other adverse weather conditions
    • Work sometimes alone, sometimes with a team
    • Bend, move, stoop, and twist continually throughout the day
    • Often hear birdsong and see wildlife


    Job Requirements

    • Locations: LA County, Multiple Locations (Required)
    • Work Authorization: US  (Required)
    • Experience: Construction: 2 years (Preferred), Management: 1 year (Preferred)
    • Languages: English (Preferred)and Spanish (Preferred)
    • Licenses: California Driver’s License (Preferred), California Native Plant Landscapers Certification (Preferred)



    Because we value your health and that of all Angelenos, you will not engage in many activities common in the landscape maintenance industry. For example, you will NOT:

  • Apply toxic chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Breathe the exhaust of gas-powered mowers or blowers
  • Work weekends

    Build your success with us. Benefits of this position include:

    • Job Type: Full-Time
    • Pay: $15.00 – $20.00 per Hour (41,280 Annually)
    • Schedule: 8 hour shift, Monday to Friday (No Weekends)
    • Supplemental Pay: Overtime, Bonus Pay, Signing Bonus
    • Health Insurance
    • Retirement: 401(k), Employer Contributions
    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Additional: Paid Training, Referral Program


    COVID-19 considerations

    We value your health, and our sustainable practices will protect it. Beyond that, we also keep the highest safety standards and were among the first businesses to earn LA County Public Health’s Covid-19 Safety Compliance Certificate.


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