Protect Our Community

Safer-At-Home: Your Health and Safety Are Always Our Top Priorities


March 23, 2020: We are deeply touched by your concerns for our health and safety. We are making decisions about our operations, day by day, in teamwork with our full staff and clients, maintaining flexibility as preferences and official guidance evolve.

Our maintenance team has opted to continue offering essential services – but only essential services.

The Safer-At-Home Orders define landscaping and gardening as essential, but they do not specify essential tasks. Our team worked to fill this gap in understanding, discussing which maintenance tasks we see as critical to the health and safety of our clients and community, balancing immediate and long-term concerns. We then confirmed our understanding with our community of clients. These are the tasks we’ve defined as essential:

  1. Monitor | mitigate leaks and flooding
  2. Eliminate standing water
  3. Complete fire clearance
  4. Manage irrigation
  5. Provide outdoor janitorial services
  6. Take trash to curbs
  7. Mow (every other week)

Our design team continues designing, our build team must hit pause.
Our design team, operating offsite, continues to complete underway projects. Our build team placed many projects-in-progress in a safe state and paused some work to ensure teams can operate in a way that protects their safety and that of the broader community.
We realize the real beauty we’ve created is our relationships with you.
We continue to be surprised, in the best of ways, at the response of our community to this crisis. We greatly appreciate the care clients have expressed for our team member’s physical and economic wellbeing. As you know, we approach the work of creating beauty with the philosophy that our underlying job, our true job, is to save LA. Words can’t express how uplifting it is to see that you also want to save us.

Love from all of us here. Be safe. Be well. Hang in there. We’ll get through this together.

Cassy and Kirk

March 19, 2020: We are currently assessing how the Safer-at-Home order impacts our services and the best way for us to protect our clients, team and the LA community. We will continue to update this page as we learn more.
March 14, 2020. By Cassy and Kirk Aoyagi:In light of growing concerns over COVID-19, we’d like to share FormLA Landscaping’s processes for keeping clients, our team, and the community healthy and safe.

We aim to protect our clients, team and the community more broadly by supporting the efforts of health officials and government leaders to contain COVID-19. Accordingly we have and will continue to take proactive, preventative measures to protect against exposure. These are guided by science-backed information and official guidance from the CDC, State Department, and local authorities.
The most important thing we can do is re-emphasize proper hygiene and sanitation protocols that prioritize client, team and community safety.
The following existing safety protocols are already in place:

  1. We provide all our employees with paid vacation and paid sick leave, and we require they stay home if sick.
  2. We’ve executed mandatory refresher training around communicable disease prevention at home and at the workplace. These trainings reiterate proper hand washing technique; employee hygiene, including avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth; proper sanitation; social distancing; not coming to work sick; and following proper reporting protocols.
  3. We ask teams to wash hands for 20 seconds each between jobs and ensure they have supplies on hand.
  4. We carry alcohol on-board for disinfecting equipment between jobs.
  5. We know many of you rely on your edible gardens and that they may be all the more needed in the weeks ahead. As of today, the FDA notes that there is no evidence that Covid-19 is transmitted through food sources and notes only standard food preparation recommendations. We are watching for any updates and continue maintaining edible gardens with great care.

Additionally, we’ve added new protocols as extra precautions to keep our employees and customers safe.
Our new protocols include:

  1. Beginning the week of March 15,2020 in-garden teams will be practicing social distancing with clients to the greatest extent possible while delivering services.
  2. We will increase cleaning and sanitation schedules of highly trafficked areas and high touch garden surfaces, including gate access areas, hose and irrigation controllers, and outdoor living equipment.
  3. We offer virtual and phone meetings as options for meeting with our in-office team.
  4. We’re asking team members to reconsider personal travel and gatherings in line with new local, California, and State Department advisory alerts.

We are continuing to monitor the latest guidance and will communicate here as we adapt to any new protocols. Stay safe, stay healthy LA!