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Team Health and Safety Is Essential to Us

November 2021. By Kirk Aoyagi: As we learned we would be allowed to work through Safer at Home in March 2020, we discussed what it would look like to keep one another safe and to feel good doing it. Providing PPE was one of the most basic requests fielded by the team, and it is fully in-line with our approach – we provide tools to ensure our team members can effectively and safely accomplish each task. Here are three of the reasons we provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to each member of our team.

We need to know you are safe.

We look out for one another. Many of our team members have worked together for decades, and we know one another’s families. We care about one another’s safety and feelings of safety – as it relates to pandemic and also our work in general. We also understand that our ability to work and provide for our families is interdependent. If one person is sick or injured, it impacts the whole team.

We can get it better and cheaper.

Securing PPE is easier for us than it is for an individual team member. Because we buy in bulk, we can get better PPE less expensively than our team members could on their own. This way, we can also ensure equity in our team members’ safety on the job.

We want you to have a life.

Our work takes creativity, know-how, diligence, sometimes physical stamina, and love. We need team members to bring all that to work – that means having a life outside of the garden. By providing PPE and other tools, we protect your personal time and energy.
Providing PPE is just the start. We were one of the first businesses in Los Angeles to earn an
LA County Public Health Covid-19 Safety Compliance Certificate, which confirms our adherence to the highest safety protocols in our operations. Also, providing PPE is just one way in which we protect your health and wellness. Our sustainable practices translate into our team members feeling better at the end of each day and protect everyone’s long term health as well.

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